Antenuptial Contracts (ANC)

Antenuptial Contract (ANC-) ANC is a document that under South African law, determines whether your marriage will exist in one of the following ways:

- in community of property;
- out of community of property-with accrual or
- out of community of property without accrual.

Having an ANC offers a number of benefits, for example – preventing your intended marriage being in community of property and preventing unnecessary disputes with your spouse in the future. We offer our clients fully comprehensive service in respect of the drafting of a ANC with an initial one-hour consultation at our office, drafting a tailor made ANC, a follow up consultation to sign the documents, a letter for your marriage officer confirming that a contract has been executed, lodging the contract at the Deed Office for registration, notifying you that your contract has been registered and providing a scanned copy and original thereof.

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